About ScifiMesh

ScifiMesh is a service owned and operated by Scifi Systems, ScifiMesh exists to help liberate the public’s thinking around wifi and to create unique, value-adding packages and services that can provide real, measurable value in society. We’re trying to demystify wifi technology so that all sectors of society can benefit from having unfettered access to high-quality, secure, reliable wifi network resources, in order that members of society can be more efficient, effective and productive, no matter where they are. We’re constantly researching new services, products, offerings and packages, trying to create new opportunities and markets for our stakeholders, clients and society at large. Let us help your organisation harness wifi technology better and more easily.

How It Works

Sell access vouchers to your neighbours, family and friends and keep the profit.

How much does the service cost?

This service is only available if you have an existing uncapped Internet connection, or if you live in an area with Internet coverage and it’s possible for you to get an uncapped Internet connection. In rural areas and townships, we make use of WISPs (Wireless Internet Service Providers) to provide Internet connectivity. You will have to pay your monthly Internet subscription separately. Typically, this costs from R1500/month for an uncapped 10mbps Internet connection.


The initial setup, which includes setting up your Internet connection and a single outdoor access point, will cost R14500. We charge a flat-rate subscription of R500/month for the basic service. Once your network is operational, you can purchase extra access points at a cost of R7500 each, fully-installed. For every installed, active access point on your network, we charge an additional R250/month/unit.


To summarise, the costs are:

  • Internet connection setup with WISP (once-off) R3500
  • 1 Access point for public access R7500
  • Landing page setup; billing setup; configuration; testing R3500



  • Internet service subscription R1500
  • Service subscription (1 public access point ) R500

Additional access point (per access point) R250

I have no technical knowledge of IT or networks, can I still operate a wifi hotspot?

YES. Our system is designed to be used by the complete technical novice. As long as you have a smartphone and can use a browser, you will have no problems being able to access your reseller page and generate access vouchers for your customers. We will monitor your network, routers, Internet connectivity and usage.

What do I get for my purchase?

For your purchase of R14500, you get:

  • 1 x 10mbps uncapped WISP Internet connection (fully-installed)
  • 1 x Enterprise-grade outdoor mesh access point
  • Fully setup landing page, fully-managed firewall, network security and data analytics platform

Basically, you get everything that you need to be able to start selling vouchers for access to your network.

What if I want to grow my network?

To grow your network, you will just need to purchase extra access points. Each access point is capable of handling up to 100 simultaneous user connections. When you add an additional access point to your network, you seamlessly increase the range and carrying capacity of your network. Each additional access point allows for an additional 100 new users to be on your network at the same time.

Keep in mind that as you add users to your network, your available bandwidth will decrease. You may need to add an additional Internet connection. We will advise you on what the best course of action will be to grow your network.

Where can I deploy my network?

You can deploy your network at schools, churches, community centres, malls, shopping centres, shops, flats, in rural villages, pretty much ANYWHERE.

As long as you can get Internet connectivity in that area and you have a reliable electricity supply, you can deploy our solution. We recommend deployment to townships and rural villages as these are the areas most desperately in need of high-quality, affordable uncapped data. You can, however, deploy our networks wherever you like. Our technology is connection agnostic ie. although we use wireless broadband in rural areas and townships, our solution works just as well, if not better, on a fibre Internet connection, making it ideal for urban deployments.


The bottom line is, you can deploy our solution anywhere.

How much money can I make from my network?

Typically, our network operators charge R10/day for uncapped access for 24 hours. When a user enters their access voucher on the network landing page, they will be cut off 24 hours thereafter unless they purchase another voucher.


Voucher prices are typical:


R10 – 24-hour access

R50 – 7 days access

R150 – 30 days access


With this in mind, you will need 14 users on your network, paying R150/month, to breakeven and cover your connectivity and service fees for your network. Anything else you make above this is your profit.

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